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Keratin treatments have saved women thousands of hours that otherwise would have been spent blow drying and taming that curly, frizzy hair.  But how much do keratin treatments cost at the salon? 

We checked around at reputable salons across the country, asking the typical price for shoulder length hair.  What did we learn?  First, the most common name for salon receptionists is Krystal (there were three of them).  In general, the average cost for keratin treatments was about $285. 

The cost of keratin treatments vaired quite a bit, however - so by making a few phone calls and comparing prices, you might be able to save a few hundred dollars.  The least expensive treatment in our sample was $125 at a salon in Denver.  The most expensive was in a Detroit area salon for $400.  Somewhat surprisingly, traditionally expensive areas like Manhattan and Beverly Hills didn't necessarily have the most expensive treatment costs.

A few salons quoted an hourly charge; we assumed that the keratin treatment process would take 2 hours. 

Two of the salons were offering free aftercare shampoo and conditioner, which would be about a $50 reduction in overall cost.

Obviously the cost for keratin treatments will vary based on your hair length, thickness, and degree of curl, which determines the time required and the amount of keratin treatment that needs to be used.  So some salons won't quote you a price without a consultation first.

So, what's the overall cost of keratin treatments at the salon?

  • Average cost of keratin treatments + labor: $285
  • After care shampoo and conditioner: $50 ($25 each)
  • Tip (assuming 15%): $43
  • TOTAL = $378

If you're interested in how the prices differed across the United States, here are the results -

CityCost Of Keratin Treatments At Salon
New York (Manhattan)     $300
New York (Manhattan)     $250
Boston  $375
Atlanta  $350
Chicago $300
Omaha  $300
Dallas          $300
Denver  $125
Detroit  $400
Seattle  $310
San Francisco    $200
San Jose     $200
Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)     $300
Los Angeles - (Los Feliz) $175
Miami    $230
Tampa  $250
New Orleans$400

Now that you know how much keratin treatments cost, how do you make sure that the results last as long as possible?
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So how much do keratin treatments cost?

We've seen the benefits of keratin treatments, and also learned more about them.

Here we take a look at how much salons charge for keratin treatments, and what some of the factors are in determining the price.

Hopefully you can learn something that can help save you some money.

Since keratin treatments are so effective and last for 2-3 months, you can expect that they might not be cheap!

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