What Are Keratin Treatments?
What are keratin treatments?

Keratin treatments are a temporary but long lasting hair straightening and conditioning process, typically performed in a salon.

Keratin treatments take about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete in a salon, depending on the length of the hair. 

The effects usually last around 8 to 10 weeks. The keratin treatment gradually leaves the hair, and there is no sharp difference between treated areas and new growth.  Subsequent keratin treatments are done just the same way as the first treatment.

After most keratin treatments, the hair should not be washed for two to three days. 

Clients are advised to use sulfate free shampoos after treatment, which will help the effects of the treatment last longer.

Many love the treatments dearly and feel that the end product is hair that is straight, shiny, soft, thick, healthy looking, and manageable.  After treatment the hair may appear half a shade lighter than before.

Another factor in the popularity of keratin treatments is flexibility.  Treatments can be completed on all types of curl and all ethnicities of hair.  Previously treated/permed/colored hair can also receive treatment. 

The client can retain as much curl as is desired.  The keratin treatment is still helpful in taming frizz if you want to keep some degree of curl or wave.  Some women receive keratin treatments just as much for the shine and healthy look as for the straightening properties. 

It is OK to color or curl hair after treatment, although the client should wait two weeks after receiving keratin treatments before doing any coloring or bleaching.  If you are looking to color your hair, you might want to color right before you have a keratin treatment, so that the color is sealed into the hair along with the treatment.

Keratin treatments are known by several names, some of them specific brand names.  The Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Cure, BKT and Brazilian Keratin Treatment are all forms of keratin treatments.  Major brands of treatment suppliers include Brazilian Blowout, Coppola, Marcia Teixeria, Global Keratin Complex, Rejuvenol, and many others.  New products and brands continue to come out as keratin treatments continue grow in popularity.

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We answer the question of just what keratin treatments are, and how they work.

We'll also let you know what keratin is, and what you can expect from your keratin treatment when you go to the salon.

You'll learn what you can and can't do after receiving your keratin treatment.

Coming up, we'll take a look at the costs of keratin treatments, tips to make the effects last as long as possible, and how to get a keratin treatment in your area.

First, let's give you a detailed overview of keratin treatments.
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Just what is keratin, anyway?

Keratin is a structural protein that is already part of your body!  It is and integral part of your hair, teeth, nails and skin.  Keratin is made up of amino acids.  The treatment creates a layer of keratin protein around the hair. 

What is the step by step process for doing or getting keratin treatments?

The typical steps involved with keratin treatments at the salon are:

1) Hair is thoroughly cleaned with a clarifying shampoo to ensure that any dirt, sweat or other hair product residue is removed.

2) Hair is blow dried while any curl is removed via brushing.

3) Hair is sectioned.

4) Keratin treatment is put on hair and combed through evenly.  It is important that the area desired to be treated is fully covered in the treatment.

5) The hair is left to absorb the keratin treatment for approximately 30 minutes.  The longer the hair is left with the treatment, the more straight the hair will be after the keratin treatment process is complete.

6) Hair is again put into sections, blow dried and brushed.

7) The treatment is sealed into the hair in 1/8 inch sections with a flat iron, usually set at 450 degrees.

8) After treatment, the hair should not be washed for about three days.  Any moisture should be avoided - so stay out of the gym and the rain.  The Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment, however, is an exception, and allows the hair to be washed in the days following treatment.

9) Clients should use sulphate free shampoos after the treatment.  Sulphates found in most shampoos can strip the treatment from the hair, which will make the effect disappear more quickly.

What else should I know about keratin treatments?

We have additional information about the cost of keratin treatments, how to make the treatments last, and some of the potential risks and side effects.

How do keratin treatments work?

Keratin treatments typically consist of a liquid keratin solution in combination with a preservative. 

The keratin is used to repair and seal any damaged areas of the follicle.  It gives the hair the healthy, shiny look.  The preservative is used to bind the keratin to the hair shaft and straighten the hair. 

The keratin solution is sealed into a hair via a flat iron.
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