Keratin Treatment Aftercare: Making Keratin Treatments Last
One of the benefits of keratin treatments is their long lasting nature.  Since the keratin treatments can cost a few hundred dollars, you probably want to do everything you can to make it last and avoid that next trip to the salon. 

You should receive an aftercare leaflet form your salon, but in case they forget....

Aftercare For The First Two to Three Days After Keratin Treatment

Don't get your hair wet for the 48-72 hours after your keratin treatment.  While the Brazilian Blowout brand does let you get your hair wet immediately after treatment, most other treatments do not.  If your hair does get wet, dry it as soon as possible.   Use a low heat setting to gently go over your hair with a flat iron.

Avoid the gym for the first 48-72 hours after the treatment.  The reason for this is to avoid the moisture that comes with a good workout.

Don't bunch up or disturb your hair for the 48-72 hours after the treatment.  Wear it straight and down.  No pony tails, hair clips, sunglasses in your hair and the like!  Don't pull your hair behind your ears either.  Fight those old habits!

Extending Your Keratin Treatment's Effects After The First Three Days

First, use the aftercare products as recommended by your salon.  Your salon will likely use one of the major brands of keratin treatments, and each has their own aftercare shampoo and conditioner. You can purchase these aftercare products for much less than you would pay at the salon. 

If you're not using the specific aftercare products your salon recommended, be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo.  Most shampoos contain sulfates, which help the shampoo foam and lather up.  Unfortunately these sulfates also strip the keratin treatment out of your hair!  So a low sulphate or sulfate free shampoo is an aftercare must for keratin treatments, if you want to keep your hair straight.

Try shampooing less frequently, if possible. 

If you go swimming, be sure to rinse out the salt and/or chlorine immediately after. 
not showering for 3 days can be fun - enjoy it!
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How can you make your keratin treatment last as long as possible?

You've already shelled out a couple of hundred dollars for your keratin treatment.

Now that you look great and love your new shiny hair, you want to make it aftercare is important. 

We'll look at what you should and, more importantly, should not do immediately after keratin treatments.

We'll also look at what you can do longer term to keep those locks straight and healthy looking.
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